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Joint collaboration in national career guidance initiatives by EG Malta, Europass (EUPA) and EQF (NCFHE).

Career Fairs and Open Days

EG Malta, Europass (EUPA) and EQF (NCFHE) are participating jointly in career guidance fairs and open days.

The 3 entities share one common stand during careers fairs and open days so that each entity is represented on this common stand.

Below are the suitable example of such collaboration.

Europe Day


University of Malta

I Choose Fair

EG, EQF, Europass Leaflet

Common Leaflet

Skills, Guidance & Qualifications in Malta and Europe

In line with the aim of organizing common activities by Euroguidance MT, Euro pass and EQF to strengthen the existing network that exist between the three national agencies, the National School Support Services, the European Union Programmes Agency and the National Commission for Further and Higher Education developed a common leaflet.  The leaflet contains salient information about each respective entity and an overview of the guidance services, tools and information on offer. It also outlines the contact details of each national entity for easy access to the services. 

These leaflets are disseminated in events organised by the national agencies and in other events organised jointly such as guidance fairs, national conferences, open days and others.  The target audience are mainly students who visit fairs, career guidance practitioners and educators, youths and adults, Maltese citizens who plan to study abroad and others wishing to study in Malta.  The leaflet is available in English and can be accessed on the respective websites as follows: