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Bay Street Complex, Level 4, St.George’s Bay, St. Julian’s, STJ 3311
Tel: (+356) 2713 5135

English Schools

We are a team of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals with a passion for what we do. “Our greatest asset is by far our reputation and integrity”

ACE English Malta school is a friendly and welcoming place that brings a new freshness and enthusiasm to English language learning in Malta. And as a small, private language school we offer exactly that. We are small enough to care and expert enough to deliver. At ACE English Malta it is all about you. A very personalised service in this boutique learning environment ensure that the focus is on you and your study goals. At ACE English Malta we are committed to offering high quality education and student welfare. Our teachers, staff and our director of studies will always find the necessary time to have a chat with our students. We believe that students learn English best when they feel comfortable and relaxed so we try to make every student feel like they are at home.

The school is run by a dedicated and qualified group of professionals who have over 20 years experience of the various aspects of managing language training operations. Together, their expertise offers you a high quality learning experience that places you, the student, at the centre and puts your needs and preferences first.

With ultra-modern facilities, an excellent customer service, an exciting all round programme and academic excellence, ACE English Malta is your choice for success.

You will come to us with very high expectations. Our aim is to exceed those expectations.

Ace English Malta, not just an English Language Course…. But also an experience.