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5-17 S. Mikel, San Ġwann, Malta
Tel: +356 7942 1864

Performing Arts / Sports
MQF Level 2, MQF Level 3, MQF Level 4, MQF Level 5

The College of Dance, home of The Yada Dance Company, offers classes in Classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary Dance, Lyrical, HipHop & Commercial. Established in 1989.

The College of Dance, was established in 1989 by Felix Busuttil and Justin Roy Barker. The school trains dancers to a professional level. Proof of its success are the number of dancers who, over the years, have trained at prestigious international vocational schools. Currently it boasts of some 400 students with 3 dance studios and a teaching faculty made up of 10 fully qualified teachers. It is a centre of dance diversity specializing in various Jazz Dance styles, Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Hip Hop & Commercial . The College stages an annual school show at the end of the scholastic year. The College also collaborates in all major dance productions staged by the Yada Dance Company. Every year the College awards major dance scholarships.