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3rd Floor, Domestica Complex, Valley Road, L-Imsida MSD9020, Malta)
Tel: +356 2767 3330

ICT / Igaming

NetRefer is the crystallisation of the vision of our CEO and Founder – Raphael Arnold. In 2005, a booming iGaming industry was fertile soil for NetRefer to establish itself as the most complete and trusted Affiliate Marketing Platform. Hard work, passion and vision for the product and industry propelled NetRefer to success. Along the way, we’ve added major key players in the iGaming industry to the NetRefer family. We take pride in playing our part in their journey towards becoming industry giants. Their journey is our journey – one of excellence.

NetRefer’s platform is a meeting grounds for sparking great collaborations and fueling them for the long haul. Our goal is to ensure that iGaming companies looking to put the word out about their business match up with the right armada of Affiliate Marketeers, no matter which way the industry tides shift. With all stakeholders out on the field, we empower them with full control, know-how, and a panoramic view. Our team, ranging from tech wizards to marketing mavens, is a hive-minded community, always hard at work to craft the right solutions with these strategies at their core.

CLEAR · FAIR · TRUSTED – are the values infusing everything we do. From the way we handle data to the way we treat our teammates and clients. They embody the lifeline that drives home our success – something that can only build itself out of individual blocks that are our clients’ success stories. We keep all criteria defined, in full view and connect them with CLEAR channels of communication. Our data handling is FAIR – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable. We ensure that all data streams are concise, immutable, indisputable, thereby consolidating TRUST between all.