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4 Pjazza Robert Samut FRN1200 Floriana, Central Region, Malta
Tel:+356 2122 7799

Other Institutions and Universities

At St Thomas Institute we offer high quality private lessons and courses based on psychometric principles and decades of experience. We have qualified, dedicated and experienced tutors and an excellent student support system. St Thomas Institute was the first organisation in Malta to introduce several education related initiatives, including over 30 school textbooks ranging from primary level to A-Level. It was also involved in the setting up of the Psychometric Foundation of Malta.

St Thomas Institute is dedicated to providing high quality private tuition to students of all ages. Neither have we restricted our endeavours to a single area of knowledge. Drawing upon experienced teachers and an excellent infrastructure, we have been able to place ourselves at the forefront of the private tuition sector.

One of our principal aims is to prepare students to be able to sit for exams at various levels. We also, however, cater for a number of courses which are undertaken by students simply out of a cultural or academic interest.

At St Thomas Institute we believe in life-long education being essential to the development of the individual’s mind, body and spirit.

Recognising the private sector and career/ personal development requirements, we provide students with the opportunity to get certification.

We strongly believe that learning should be a holistic experience and our staff is trained to tackle different age groups in the manner suitable to their age and needs. We encourage full student interaction and participation and have adapted a number of teaching methods which ensure students are advancing in the academic field in a stimulating environment. This not only makes them more interested in the particular course/s they would be following but also generates a general love for knowledge and learning.