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Triagon Academy, Marsa, Malta
Tel: +356 7778 0806

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MQF Level 6, MQF Level 7

TRIAGON Academy was founded in Malta in October of 2018 and has subsequently been licensed as Higher Education Institution (License number: 2018-021) by the National Commission for further and Higher Education to deliver programs up to EQF / MQF level 8, i.e. doctoral level , The study programs offered by the academy enable the students to work in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna Declaration on the independent application of professional methods and knowledge in professional practice.

The principle objectives of TRIAGON Academy is to develop, provides access to and disseminate scientific knowledge through research, teaching and service to society. It carries out these tasks in a spirit of academic freedom and responsibility and it stimulates critical research and teaching, reflection and debate on scientific, social, philosophical and ethical questions. The academy offers internationally accredited academic teaching based on scientific research. It aims at the development and integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will prepare its students to take responsibility in society.In this regard TRIAGON offers high-quality, innovative qualification programs in a wide range of disciplines and in various formats and is committed to lifelong learning

The TRIAGON Academy fulfills its tasks through innovative educational formats. This learning approach combines the advantages of various teaching and instructional formats, thereby generating particularly intensive and lasting learning effects. The innovative educational formats offer TRIAGON Academy students optimal conditions for combining their studies with professional employment or family obligations. The TRIAGON Academy stands for a technology-enhanced learning culture based on self-determination in learning that enables innovative possibilities for the acquisition of knowledge, and aims at a consistent competence orientation.