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Mosta Technopark Triq Valletta, Ħal Lija, Malta
Tel:(+39) 334 175 1789

Performing Arts / Sports
MQF Level 5, MQF Level 6, MQF Level 7

VHEI comes from the experience of EnterAcademy, that connects Italian and foreign professionals who own twenty-year experience in the field of videgames, animation, comics and cinema illustration. It aims to pursue and promote the research, study and spread of the culture of entertainment.

The Institute project is in collaboration with IUDAV and FTZ. Thanks to this partnership, we offer a Bachelor’s Degree [Honour] in Digital Arts – Animation and Video Games through a highly professional study programme and a skilled teaching staff.

The teaching staff is a fundamental part of this project and it is composed of cultural and academic professionals who possess competence and knowledge of art, communication and techniques.

Valletta Higher Education Institute is supported by national and international entertainment enterprises that grant highly formative internships. There is, therefore, a sure continuity between the educational path and the integration in the labour market and besides in a sector that does not know crisis and has a positive trend