9 months ago

Euroguidance Conference Workshop

Euroguidance Malta organised a conference 4 workshop event, twice, on the 25th and 26th April, 2023, at the Paradise Bay Resort, Ċirkewwa, as a follow-up to the Conference that was held on 5th April, 2022 where the ‘Career Learning and Development Framework’ was launched by Ms. Dorianne Gravina, Career Guidance, Education Officer and Mr. Stephen Camilleri, Personal, Social and Career Development (PSCD), Education Officer. The aim was to launch and disseminate with career guidance practitioners and other stakeholders such as PSCD teachers, the framework that was developed during the 2018-2020 Grant application. This conference workshop, focused further on how the framework will be implemented in schools. Prof Siobhan Neary, University of Derby, UK, was the keynote speaker, addressing how practitioners can reflect and evaluate their work through the ‘reflective practitioner’ approach with the aim of providing a quality career education and guidance service in our schools. During the 4 workshops, particiants were divided into 4 groups to address the four categories that schools should reflect and evaluate upon, through the SWOT analysis:

  1. The Career Education Programme
  2. The Career Guidance Programme
  3. The Whole School Approach to Career Learning and Development
  4. The roles and responsibilities of Teachers and Career Guidance Practitioners.

Ms Dorianne Gravina was also invited to share the Maltese framework with colleagues in Athens, Greece during a Conference entitled “Career Guidance needed more than ever: Improving the competence of Career Counsellors in Education, Employment and Social services” on the 10th and 11th of May 2023.  The conference was attended by career guidance counsellors from all sectors of Greece.   The framework was very much welcomed as an example of a good practice on the important topic of career education and career guidance.

A digital copy of the framework can be found on the following link: