Euroguidance Annual Conference 2018

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Date(s) - 20/12/2018
12:00 am

Stakeholders from the Education and Employment sectors, namely career advisors, guidance teachers, heads of organisations and employment advisors meet to participate in the annual Euroguidance National Conference to discuss issues relevant to the career guidance community.  The aim is to strengthen the competences of the guidance community in the area of career guidance and to help them acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to guide their clients accordingly.  In this way invest in a solid career guidance system starting from compulsory schooling and extending beyond, in a way to offer lifelong career guidance to citizens and hence promote and enhance job mobility, in particular to vulnerable groups.


The 2018 Conference focused on ‘An Insight into ‘My Journey’ educational pathways on guiding learners in the labour market’.  The new educational policy was introduced in Malta early 2019.  Ing. Vince Maione, CEO, National Skills Council addressed the Conference through the following keynote scheme, The Skills Gap Challenge – Can ‘My Journey’ help us transform it into a Strategic Inflection Point?  This policy was discussed and representatives attending the Conference all agreed that this policy will be addressing better the learners’ educational choices and career paths and that such opportunities opened up to learners will respond better to the needs of the labour market, in particular the skills gaps being faced at the local level. A debate on the topic was conducted through a panel discussion involving stakeholders in the field.  Workshops followed.