Guidance Systems

Career guidance is provided throughout the scholastic years to learners of all ages within the schools themselves. Institutions offer career guidance to learners in an individual and/or group setting. The main aim is that of empowering learners to make the right career choices and to develop the necessary skills to prepare them for the world of work.

The National School Support Services also employs a number of career guidance professionals besides guidance teachers who provide their services within State Colleges in both primary and secondary schools, Church and Independent Schools together with Post-Secondary institutions.

Jobsplus, a parastal unit within the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation (MEYR), provides specialized service for adults. Jobsplus Malta aims at enhancing “accessibility to the labor market through modernized and targeted services, whilst facilitating labor mobility and promoting investment in human capital.”

Jobsplus, through employment advisers, offers job placements as well as career guidance to adults. A number of private employment agencies are also present, focusing mainly on job placement.

The main providers for the training of career guidance practitioners in Malta is the Center of Labor Studies in collaboration with the Faculty of Education, University of Malta. As from October 2016 a Master’s Degree Course in Lifelong Career Guidance and Development will be offered to individuals wishing to further their education in the area.

The Malta Career Guidance Association (MCGA) is the national guidance association in Malta which aims to promote the delivery of high quality career guidance services. There are also various institutions in the field of research which gather important statistics in areas such as school leavers, the employment sector and the labor market.