5 years ago

My FUTURE – “Improving the Quality of Career Education and Guidance Services: Signposts for our Schools”


A training session was held on Tuesday 18th September 2018 at The Fortress Builders Fortification Centre, Valletta. This training was for Career Guidance practitioners including Education Officers (Career Guidance), Principal Education Support Practitioners (Career Advisors), Education Support Practitioners (Career Advisors) and Career Guidance Teachers. The training was organised by the Career Guidance Section, National School Support Services. It was delivered by Professor Ronald Sultana and focused on improving the quality of career education and guidance services in our schools.

Participants had the opportunity to work and discuss in groups various topics including the following:

(i) What are some of the main achievements in providing career education and guidance services of quality in my school/s?

(ii) What are the main obstacles to attaining quality in the career education and guidance services in my school/s?

(iii) What are the 5 key areas in career education and guidance which we can target to improve quality?

This training formed part of an Erasmus funded project entitled: MY FUTURE: Improving digital skills for career guidance at school. More details can be found on the following link.

A follow up session will be conducted by Professor Sultana in December 2018 to gather feedback from participants on the lessons learnt following the training.