4 years ago

Euroguidance Malta Newsletter March 2020 – Issue 1

Welcome to the Euroguidance Malta Newsletter – the first newsletter issued
within the remit of the National School Support Services (NSSS), Ministry
for Education and Employment. Since 2017, NSSS has gained responsibility
for the management of the Euroguidance Malta (EG MT) Centre.
It has been an exciting and challenging time for NSSS. During the past three
years we have organised many activities that have reached the objectives
established by the Euroguidance Network, including the development of
a European dimension in guidance for education and vocational training.
Initiatives undertaken by the Centre include the annual Euroguidance
Conference focusing on themes which are of importance locally but also
at EU level, such as ‘A Look at the future state of Knowledge Worker
Employability’ and ‘My Journey: Different paths Opening New Horizons
for Students’.
Another important milestone has been the yearly organisation of the
Education and Employment Stakeholders’ Forum which aims to strengthen
the existing collaboration between both sectors. We have offered CPD
opportunities to career guidance practitioners. We have organised
conferences in collaboration with the Malta Career Guidance Association,
Malta’s association which focuses on strengthening the career guidance
profession in Malta. EG MT also participates in network meetings abroad
and locally collaborates with the European Union Programmes Agency
responsible for the Europass Network and the National Commission for
Further and Higher Education responsible for European Qualifications
EG MT has published a reflective handbook for students attending the one
week career exposure experience and will be publishing soon a pictorial
version of this handbook for students with literacy difficulties. Another
publication entitled ‘Career Learning and Development: A Framework
for Compulsory Schooling in Malta’ will also be funded by EG MT. This
framework is intended to be a referral point for schools and colleges to
help professionals involved in the delivery of career education and career
In this newsletter you will find information about two CPD opportunities
availed of by a number of career guidance practitioners, namely the
International Association Educational & Vocational Guidance Global
Symposium and the Croatian Presidency Conference. You will also have
the opportunity to learn about the research undertaken by one of our
career guidance teacher who works at NSSS. This research formed part of
her Master in Lifelong Career Guidance and Development course which is
organised by the University of Malta. Finally you will also read about EG MT
hosting a number of career guidance practitioners from Sweden.
We hope you will enjoy reading this newsletter!
The Euroguidance Malta Team
Sandra Cortis, Dorianne Gravina, Lorraine Grech Aquilina,
Alan Camilleri & Dorianne Pawney.