Career Learning and Development – A Framework for Schools

Category : Report
Author/s: Gravina, D. & Camilleri, S.
Year: 2021




“The Framework is intended to be a referral point for schools to help professionals involved in the delivery of career education and career guidance. It aims to support the planning, design and delivery of career education and career guidance in line with the requirements of the Education Act (1988) to “ensure the supply and the co-ordination of career guidance services, including the implementation of programmes with the social partners and civil society aimed at achieving improved school-workplace congruence and assist in the transition stages, including those from school to work” (12 (f), p. C1174).

The framework re-affirms the objectives of the National Curriculum Framework for All (Ministry of Education,2012) and the Career Guidance Policy for Schools (Ministry of Education, Youth & Employment, 2007). The aim is to ensure that learners have an understanding of the work environment, career options and pathways as a foundation for vocational education and training, further education, employment and life-long learning.”

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