How can People with Intellectual Disabilities use YouTube as an Alternative Search Engine on the Internet?

Category : Journal
Author/s: Kversøy, K.S, Kuyini Alhassan, A-R., Eva Daae Kversøy, E.D. & Kversøy, S. D.
Year: 2019




This text is a follow-up to article published in the 2018 edition (Volume 7) of the Indian Journal of Career and Livelihood Planning (Kversøy & Kversøy 2018). The article was then aimed at exploring career possibilities for people with intellectual disabilities. In this article the authors elaborate on one of their discoveries mentioned in the article. The discovery is about how people with intellectual disabilities, that are unable to use reading, writing or voice assisted strategies, can use YouTube as an alternative search engine. It is a tremendous challenge to access and explore the internet when reading, writing and voice assisted strategies are not usable options. Their co-researcher Sofie, who has a severe intellectual disability, shows how this can be done. The authors analyse her actions and experiences and see patterns emerging.

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