On the way to 2020: Data for Vocational Education and Training Policies

Category : Report
Author/s: CEDEFOP
Year: 2020




This report provides an update of Cedefop’s statistical overview of vocational education and training (VET) and lifelong learning in European countries. It brings together and updates statistical evidence from the main international data sources relevant to this field. The report results from Cedefop work on increasing the availability, quality, use and analysis of VET – related data. It considers 36 internationally comparable indicators, focusing on skill development through initial and continuing VET, adult education and training, and their broader education and labour market context. Data were selected based on their relevance, quality and periodicity. To reflect and align with policy relevant themes, they have been organised in three main domains: access, attractiveness and flexibility; skill development and labour market relevance; and overall transition and employment trends.

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