Toolkit on Guidance and Lifelong Learning

Category : Toolkit
Author/s: Arnkil, R., Spangar, T. & Vuorinen< R.
Year: 2018




This PES Practitioners’ Toolkit presents concepts and tools for PES management teams to assess the Career Guidance (CG) and Lifelong Learning (LLL) development needs in their respective country contexts and make practical plans and steps to strengthen the CG and LLL system and services. The changing world of work and careers calls for a renewal of the role and practices of PES in building and developing CG and LLL. This renewal takes place in different circumstances around Europe, and at different stages of development in the partnerships and systems of CG and LLL, By ‘a CG and LLL system’ we refer to the collaborative network of actors and services in education, public, private and third sector services, and employers or employees associations contributing to CG and LLL.

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