VET Policy Implementation – The Challenge of Policy Implementation : A Comparative Analysis of Vocational School Reforms in Albania, Kosovo and Turkey Peer Learning 2007

Category : Report
Author/s: Sultana, R.G.
Year: 2008




In 2007, the ETF organised a peer learning activity focusing on how VET schools implement reforms and policies. Such reforms and policies are often decided at the central level rather than at the regional, municipal or school level. The expectation in this top-down process is that school-level educators and practitioners and particularly principals and teachers, will transform policy intentions and goals into real outcomes. In the VET sector, such targeted outcomes typically include more effective learning environments for students and a better match between skills supply and demand. The main goal of this peer learning experience was to understand this process of implementation. A powerful way of capturing this concern is to ask the following two related questions: How do reforms change schools? How do schools change reforms?

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