Euroguidance Malta Newsletter June 2022 – Issue 5

Presentation during the Career Learning and Development Framework in Compulsory Schooling

A Practitioner’s Guide to Unchartered Waters of Career Counselling

IFE Prospectus 2021-2022

University of Malta Prospectus 2021-2022

MCAST Prospectus 2021-2022

ITS Prospectus 2021-2022

Career Pivots

Career Superpowers

Rural Workforce Development

Ethics and Professionalism

Career Exposure Student’s Reflective Logbook – Pictorial version

Career Learning and Development – A Framework for Schools

Help! I will soon finish Secondary School and I don’t know what I want to do !

Helpful Tips – The online interview

Secondary School Certificate and Profile


Europass – Take the Next Step

Professionalising Career Guidance in Malta (Research Report 2017)

Toolkit on Guidance and Lifelong Learning

VET Policy Implementation – The Challenge of Policy Implementation : A Comparative Analysis of Vocational School Reforms in Albania, Kosovo and Turkey Peer Learning 2007

Career Guidance in the Mediterranean Region

Guidance Handbook Career Guidance – A handbook for Policy Makers

ETF Report – Review Of Career Guidance Policies in 11 acceding and Candidate Countries Synthesis Report July 2003

Public Employment Services Guidance

CEE Policy May 2019

CEE Procedures May 2019

Lenti fuq id-Dinja tax-Xogħol booklet

Lenti fuq il-Karrieri Booklet

On the way to 2020: Data for Vocational Education and Training Policies

Investing in Career Guidance

Dream Jobs Teenagers Career Aspirations and the Future of Work

Handbook on Quality in Learning Mobility

How can People with Intellectual Disabilities use YouTube as an Alternative Search Engine on the Internet?

Students as Agents of Change in Career Education

Protective and Risk Factors in Career Development

Career development training, certification, supervision and professionalization: case examples from four countries.

Tips for Online Interviews

“Lifelong guidance policy and practice in the EU: trends, challenges and opportunities”


Tracer Studies Report 2016

Tracer Studies Report 2017

Developments in Vocational Education and Training Policy in 2015–19 ΕΝ Malta

Career Exposure Student’s Reflective Logbook

Vocational Education and Training for the Future of Work Malta

International Trends and Innovation in Career Guidance

Emergency Exit: Recovering from the Covid-19 crisis