5 years ago

The Third Stakeholders’ Forum – June 2019

This time representatives from both the educational and employment sectors were invited to attend.  The theme discussed during this year’s event was the Career Exposure Experience (CEE) which is one of the main career guidance initiatives organised for our Year 10 learners which links Employment with Education.  The Draft Career Guidance Policy and Procedures were discussed and feedback sought from representatives present.

The representatives present all agreed to the importance of such a policy in order to set down standards and procedures for the provision of a quality experience for learners.  The document outlines the responsibilities of all stakeholders involved in the experience – the employer, the school/college and the parent/guardian of the student.  Feedback given related to the importance of health and safety regulations which should guide such exposures, the need to clarify the issue of the exposure focusing on “observation at the place” vis a vis a “work placement” (in the case of learners in compulsory schooling), amongst others.

If you wish to send feedback regarding the career exposure policy and career exposure procedures can do so on [S1]